Ensuring low query counts

assertNumQueriesLessThan(number) - context

Django provides assertNumQueries which is great when your code generates a specific number of queries. However, if due to the nature of your data this number can vary you often don’t attempt to ensure the code doesn’t start producing a ton more queries than you expect:

def test_something_out(self):

    with self.assertNumQueriesLessThan(7):

assertGoodView(url_name, *args, **kwargs)

This method does a few of things for you, it:

  • Retrieves the name URL
  • Ensures the view does not generate more than 50 queries
  • Ensures the response has status code 200
  • Returns the response

Often a wide sweeping test like this is better than no test at all. You can use it like this:

def test_better_than_nothing(self):
    response = self.assertGoodView('my-url-name')